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Don't purchase this unless you have prior experience checking Gift Cards, as we cannot guide you through everything.

A modern and easy to use UI for the best user experience.

An advanced Phone Bot, it's an addon you can purchase in tool for $100 a month. Twilio and AssemblyAI required.

EasyCards has a wide variety of sites to check Gift Cards for. We strive to bring our customers everything they need, we will add your requests should you have any of them.

We offer various sites to generate PDFs for. You can always contact us if we don't have the PDF available that you'll need.

EasyCards has a fail proof history system. It automatically saves the cards while checking. This way your hits will always be saved in case your pc crashes.

EasyCards also has a system for checking the cards itself, you can continue checking where you left off with the list of cards you loaded in case something crashes or in case you are forced to stop checking for any other reason.

EasyCards has implemented its own chat system. Want to have a little or need help from our support or some other customers? Ask in the group!


Download a runtime that matches your processor's type